A Must-Know Winter Tips for Skin, Hair and Lips

Winter is here and I am really fan of this season. But, no doubt, it plays a havoc with our skin resulting in scaly skin, chapped lips and dry and brittle hair. Even in winter, people wishes to live beautiful with respect to skin, hair, foot and lips. However, this is the time when you eat well, sleep well and hence, your health become favorable. Yet, the climatic condition make individual’s skin, lips and hair unattractive. This is the time to give some extra care and pampering to your skin.

Keep watch on your diet

Your texture of your skin doesn’t only depend on the external treatments, but, also the intake of the diet that you consume everyday. A proper nutrition will help to rejuvenate your skin from within. A good intake of 3-4 liters everyday will retain the moisture of the skin as well as will keep all the skin diseases away.

Moisturize Daily

Cold weather makes skin dry. Cold creams and moisturizes are a must for your skin. Toning and moisturizing is after each cleansing is essential. Moisturize your skin with night cream every night and a daytime moisturizer under your eyes every morning.

Oil Therapy

A little coconut oil before bath is perfect to pamper your skin and will heal dryness and chapped skin. Make sure that you use creamy soap to provide suppleness to your skin.

Lip Care

In winter as your lips tend to dry a lit, you must avoid licking your lips and biting the surface. Keep your lips covered with good lip balm with SPF factor. Massaging your lips with ghee and leaning overnight will act as a natural protector.

Hair Care

Make sure that you don’t go outside until your hair is wet, as it gets more prone to breakage. Avoid using blow dryers or ironing your hair. If you are suppose to do that, make sure that you apply good conditioner before it.

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