Amazing Beauty Regime To Make you Feel Confident

Undoubtedly, winter is a perfect season to pull out bright colored clothing, lovely boots and woolen accessories. But, at the same time it is a season that brings frizzy hair, and dry skin. The all of a sudden change in the season brings a havoc on your hair as well as skin. But, still there are some tips that will help you to come out with this frizzy weather, but, still look fabulous. Following are the beauty tips that will definitely keep you on the top of the weather:

Maintaining Beautiful skin

  • Replace your water based moisturizer with oil based moisturizer. This type of moisturizer will help lock moisture in and will keep skin soft and supple.

  • When you are stepping out, make sure that you don’t forget your sunscreen.
  • As water is a natural lubricant to keep your skin soft, make a sure that you always remain hydrated.
  • Stick to luke warm water for bath.

Amazing Hair Tips

  • Always use luke warm water to wash your hair.
  • Don’t miss your conditioner.
  • Regular massage your hair with oil. For better result, squeeze few drops of lemon juice in oil and massage this mixture at least once a week.

Winter Makeup Tips

  • Always choose the color that complements the weather. To pop your eyes in cold season, you can use brown or grey color.
  • Apply lotion before doing a makeup. Dab a little if your skin is oily.
  • For a smooth finish opt for a creamy liquid foundation.

Chapped Lips

Gently exfoliate flakes. Combine a drop of olive oil with a pinch of sugar and then slightly rub it with a warm washcloth. Apply a nourishing balm with SPF factor during the daytime and thick balm during night. This will excellently prevent your lips from getting dry.

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