Effective Winter Care Tips To Be Followed For Baby

Winter is one of the seasons when parents are much worried about their babies. Of course with the dropping temperature, there is the threat of viruses. During winters your baby’s immunity tends to become weak. This is however due to the increase in infections that are both viral and bacterial in nature. As babies are much prone to these infections, so, it is essential to keep them away from all this.

  • Should Baby Massaging be stopped during winter?

If you keep your room warm, then, massaging your baby can be really enjoyable. It improves your baby circulation and can even build immunity. Before you begin to massage, make sure that you warm up your hands so that your baby don’t feel cold from your touch.

  • Which massage oil is best for baby during winter?

Most mothers change oil in order to suit weather. It varies from coconut oil which is believed to be cooling to mustard oil which is believed to be warming. If your baby has sensitive skin, it is recommended not to use mustard oil. Instead, you can use the oil which is light and gentle on your baby’s skin.

  • How to keep baby warm during winter?

Before you begin the bath, make sure that the room. You can use heater in order to bring room to a comfortable temperature. Before you start, get ready with everything you need for bathing your baby. Always try to keep baby’s bathing time short, not more than 5 to 10 minutes.

  • Best suited bay clothes for winter

If weather is cold, it is best to dress your baby in layers. The rule is to have one layer more than what you are wearing for your baby. You can use long sleeved inners under the long sleeved baby suit. Top this with woolen cardigan or sweater made from soft wool or fleece.

  • Ensure that your baby’s vaccination is up to date in order to protect from serious diseases.
  • As viruses and bacteria gets transmitted through cough and sneezing, so, keep your baby away from sick people.

These tips will help your baby keep illness at bay this winter.


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