Fashionable Outfits for Freezing Temperature

It is extremely hard to stay fashionable in extreme cold weather, because, all you want is to keep yourself warm. However, bundling for cold doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice of being cute. Following are some of the fashion tips for cold winter weather:

  • As layering is essential to stay warm, you can pile up with cami or tank, a long sleeve sweater or shirt, coat and a tee. On bottom you can layer your pants or jeans with a thick tights or leggings.
  • In order to keep your hands and feet covered, wear insulated shoes or winter boots paired with multiple layers of socks. For covering hands you can use warm gloves or mittens.
  • Scarves, hats, earmuffs and knit headbands are some of the accessories that will help you accessorize yourself.

  • While shopping for warmer clothes, opt for warmer fabrics like fleece, wool, cashmere and flannel.

Outfit #1

Start with a pair of fleece tights along with a cozy flannel shirt. Layer them with your favorite jeans and cardigan. You can also go trendy with wrap style woolen coat and winter boots. Finally, accessorize yourself with warm gloves, knit bands and scarves.

Outfit #2

For most casual look, layer your turtleneck with a tee or tank underneath. At the bottom layer your skinnies with a pair of warm tights. A quilted coat paired with warm and stylish faux-fur lined booties is perfect. Warm socks, a cozy hat and a pair of knit gloves will polish your complete outfit and will keep you extra toasty.

Outfit #3

If you want to keep your legs warm, try doubling up leggings or tights. For extrawarmth, you can layer a thermal tee underneath your dress. Opt for fun wool socks with a pair of winter boots. Along woolen pea coat will be a perfect choice. And finally, polish the complete outfit with a pretty scarf and printed hat.

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