Let your Feet Stay Cozy and Warmer this Winter

Every year the change in temperature give us worries about how to maintain the perfect body temperature as per the season. Cold month, one side the worries of shivering and dryness might keep you tensed, but the other side the thought of Christmas and a hot cup of chocolate sipping just beside the fire take away all your worries. Isn’t it? But, the thought of dropping temperature might keep your feet shiver with fear.

When the mercury starts to drop, the first part of your body that gets colder is your extremities including your feet and hand.

However, there are ways to keep your feet warm in winter and still look stylish:

  • Wear tights under everything

Always choose to wear a pair of warm tights under skirts and dresses and event pants in order to keep your feet and legs warm. This extra layer is what your feet actually require when the temperature drops down suddenly.

  • Make the habit of wearing socks over tights

When you are wearing boots in winter, always wear a pair of socks over your tights. This will definitely work in keeping your feet warmer.

  • Must choose right socks

Make sure to choose the right socks if you are going to wear socks over your tights. In winter, you don’t want to wear something like super trendy fishnet socks. But, instead a warm pair of socks. However, you can find several fashionable options including glittering ones to show off over your tights. Over the knee socks are also the good options for the colder months.

  • Choose the right boots

Opt for the right boots in winter to keep your feet warm. Opt a pair that are winter resistant and have thick soles to insulate your feet.

  • Wear leg warmer

Wearing leg warmer will not only keep your legs and ankles warm, but also your feet. Choose a pair that cover your feet and can easily fit your boots.

So, how are you going to style your feet this winter?

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