Maintain Safe and Healthy Lifestyle During Winter

The cold season of winter can be busy and exciting with number of events like holiday parties, family dinners etc. However, with lot of distractions we forget to take care of ourselves. So are you ready to face this cold and flu season? If you want to avoid yourself going to doctor to get antibiotics and other drugs, then, this is the time to think about the prevention.

Reduce your Carb Cravings: The onset of the cold season tends to fuel up your carb cravings. As you consume these delicious foods, your serotonin level rises, thereby making your brain think that you are happier. And then your carb cravings get stronger and stronger. To minimize this, try to consume protein packed food. This can keep your energy level throughout the day.

Inclusion of Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Omega 3 fatty acids are considered to be healthy fat that are found naturally in fish, nuts and plant seeds. As they are natural anti inflammatory, hence, are great for reducing stiffness, joint pains. As studies says that in shorter days of winter, people tend to get more depressed, hence, omega 3 fatty acid is perfect to lower down the level of depression.

Eat more fiber: Soluble fibre in oats, apples as well as nuts is an important way to reduce inflammation and boost immune system. It reduces cholesterol level in the body and protect against diabetes. High-fibrous foods are important for seniors in winters who want to protect their digestive system.

Workout at Home: If you have no desire to head out of home for exercise, then, don’t worry, you can even plan your exercise at your home. There are several channels online that can guide you in terms of gym, yoga, aerobics, strength exerciuse etc.

These diet and exercise tips are great for winters, but, can also be follower a year around.

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