Miracle of Glowing and Healthy Skin This Winter

Winter weather though is fun and cozy, but is deadly for skin. Low humidity levels and cold weather results in dry air, which steals away moisture from skin. Without proper care, your dry skin can lead to cracking and bleeding. Yes, applying additional moisture can help, but, you need to do some extra in order to counteract these effects thus, giving your skin a healthy and youthful look. Following are some tips that can help you stay beautiful even in the harsh winter weather:

Wash with Lukewarm water: Hot showers and baths appear very enticing in the winter weather, but, when it comes to clean face or hands, make sure that you choose lukewarm water to avoid stripping away oils from your skin.

Apply Moisture Immediately Afterwards: Your skin need to be moisturized immediately after every wash. Apply moisture on damp skin to help locking the dampness in the skin.

Choose Moisturizer Carefully: Some moisturizers are petroleum based that can further dry your skin. Be sure to choose the smart formula that consists of natural and nourishing ingredients. Opt for the oil based solutions, as it will help your skin retain moisture in the winter.

Drink Plenty of Water: Generally in winter we tend to drink less water, because, certain hot drinks like tea, coffee, cocoa etc appeals more this time. But, don’t forget that your skin needs hydration from inside, and a glass of water with lemon can definitely be refreshing and hydrating.

Overnight Moisture: Dryer areas like feet, hand, knees and elbows have very thin skin and tend to lose moisture faster as compared to other areas of body. Make a habit of applying deep moisturizing balm at night and then wear cotton gloves or socks to seal moisture.

Exfoliate: In winter, we generally forget to exfoliate our skin. However, moisture can’t penetrate inside the dead cells. Use exfoliating mask on your face, hand and lips followed immediately by moisture to see smooth difference.

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