Must Follow Winter Tips To Keep Kids healthy at Daycare

The littlest of the member comes home with biggest of germs, moist of which are acquired during the time spent at day care or school. But there are few steps that you must followed before you ask yourself, “How safe is to send my kid to day care?” However, there are four questions that parents should always ask to a child care provider.

Are toys and surfaces kept clean? What type of cleaners are used?

  • All the toys that toddlers put into their mouth should be sanitized properly.
  • Surfaces must be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day. Surfaces are those where children make close contact and are most likely to be contaminated.
  • The type of the cleaners that most child care centers use is bleach solution which tends to be most effective. However, be sure that these cleaners are safe and non toxic.

Know about sick policy

  • Be sure that you understand and agree with daycare’s policy
  • If your child gets sick, will you be notified in a timely manner?
  • Ask the staff if the children are able to go home when they are feeling sick?

How often employees are asked to wash their hands?

  • As most of the germs are spread by hand, hence, good hand hygiene can minimize the spreading of germs.
  • Ask if children and staffs are instructed to wash their hands throughout the day?

What are the activities taken to fight germs actively?

  • Ask whether rooms and equipments are cleaned and disinfected.
  • Ask if there are other steps being taken by facility in order to fight germs.

Get your child vaccinated

Help protect your child from viruses and bacteria by ensuring that his vaccination is up to date.

Thus, in order to safeguard your child, there is only so much to do. Make sure that your child receive healthy, balanced meals, get enough exercise and sleep in order to make their small immune system strong.


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