Restore the Freshness in Winter with Routine Care

It is fact that we all love winter. But, with the fashion of coat-worthy weather. But, along with it comes dry air that can ardently affect both faces and bodies. In order to keep yourself fresh this winter, following are the tips:

Moisturize Yourself

Make sure that you moisturize yourself all season. But, in winter it is necessary to take some extra care so that your complexion doesn’t dry out. Invest in thick day moisturizer so that your skin stays smooth and free from dry and scaly appearance. It is recommended not to use body moisturizer on face, as it may be too thick and can even block pores.

Protect your Lips

A chapped lip is completely not accepted by anyone. But, in winter you get more prone to dried lips. So, it is essential that you exfoliate your lips with lip scrub or a warm wet cloth once in every week. Apply a good quality balm after that.

Curate your hands

Your hands are likely to get drier in winter. Not only they get exposed to dry weather, but also due to continuous washing, the moisture of our hands vanishes. Keep the hand supple with intense moisturizing hand cream. Treat it with manicure and keep the cuticles soft. If still dryness persists, make the habit of applying hand cream right before the bed and cover them with cotton gloves.

Use Proper Diet\

In winter it is very hard to be inspired to eat fresh. As this season brings less healthy eating habits, make sure that you consume more green leafy vegetables and fruits. Customize your bag with your favorite veggies. Add variety to your diet and introduce yourself with new and exciting produce.

Remember your Locks

Don’t allow winter weather take toll over your hair. Apply mask on your hair every week. Use the formula that can restore shine to brittle hair.

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