Stay Stylish Yet Warm with Layered Clothing

Might be you are having a misconception that it is too hard for you to stay stylish this winter. But even during winter in order to keep oneself stylish along with warm, it requires effort and thought. While layering your clothes is essential to keep warm, but, adding pieces to your wardrobe will help you to stay fashionable.

Especially for me, dressing in cold weather is to how to stay warm and still look stylish. When you wrap yourself in sweatshirts and blankets. It becomes hard to figure out an outfit that is stylish and flattering.

However, layering is about pairing different types of clothes. You can add a cardigan over a tank top, a pair of dress with a blazer. Here are few style tips on how to layer yourself during this winter.

  • Layer underneath with a thin layer

Thermal underwears are perfect for areas that are hard to layer like especially legs. At the same time as it stays under your clothes, so no one is going to see how it looks like. But it must fit well and doesn’t look bulky.

  • Put on thin tight clothes

Layer yourself in reverse order. Put thick layer first and then a loose thinner layer over it. You can either wear a t-shirt over a long sleeve shirt or a skirt over a pant. This will give a life over your clothing style.

  • Add a sweater or a vest

Ensure that this layer must be made of wool. This may include nice soft fabric of cashmere or angora. Apart from covering you and keeping you torso warm, it can be a nice layer underneat your jacket.

  • Opt for different winter coat

If you are looking to stand out of the crowd, opt for some bold color coat rather than sticking on same traditional black coat. If you wish, you can layer your coat with slimmer and tight fitting tom prevent yourself looking bulky.

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