Unhealthy Foods Need to be Avoided During Winter

Winter, the season of cold brings altogether the feelings of inexorable joy with comfy woollies and a cup of delicious hot coffee. But, as every coin has two sides, similarly, this is one side of the winter. The other side of winter is synonymous to dreadful illness, as well as endless days of misery. Most common ailments include asthma, flu, cough, cold, sinus, fever as well as dry and chapped skin. As in winter, due to severe cold, the pores of the body remain closed which hinder the perspiration as well as the system of energy and warmness. Hence, healthy diet is required in order to keep the warmness of body intact. So, before you step out to the market, check out the below food that should be avoided during winter:

Asparagus: Though, Asparagus is a healthy vegetable, but during winter they are not of best quality. They are more woody and will lack taste. Hence, resist yourself buying Asparagus during winter.

Bagged leafy vegetables: Packed leafy vegetables that are available in the supermarket are not good option, because they contain lot of preservatives in order to keep fresh. It is best to buy green vegetables from the market and enjoy the best taste.

Fresh peas: No doubt, green peas are everyone’s favorite especially during winter. But, peas that are available during winter are not soft and tender. However, they tend to get more starchy and less sweet.

Tomatoes: those tomatoes that are available in winter are more mushy in texture. They tend to be thick skinned and are hard during winter, which makes it not so good option for cooking.

Corn: During winter, corns that are available are less starchy and are less sweet.

Dairy Products: Dairy products like milk, cream, cheese and other processed form of it is not certainly good for your respiratory system. So, during winter when there is already a chance of catching cold, it is best to avoid dairy products especially if you are susceptible to flues and respiratory infections.

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